Strength in Stress

The past seven months have been stressful, so over the next few weeks we are going to have a series of blogs on stress. Contributors to the blogs who have expertise in the area of stress will teach us more about what it is, how to manage it, and how to use stress for good! The blogs will include how stress affects the body, eating habits, physical activity, sleep patterns, and family relationships. Today’s blog was written by Share Kelley, an Iowa Concern Hotline staff member, and will cover how stress affects the body.

Eating and Stress

I’m so stressed! I need chocolate!

Reducing Stress through the Benefits of Nature

As daylight hours dwindle and the air becomes crisper, thoughts and activities tend to focus less on the outdoors and more on the long winter months inside. And yet, the benefits of the outdoors and experiences with nature in reducing stress apply all year round.

Improving sleep during a pandemic

Many people experienced insomnia or had some difficulty sleeping before the pandemic. Now, with all the additional fear, uncertainty, isolation, and economic challenges, many with no prior sleeping concerns are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Stress and Family

Last week in our series, we looked at how stress affects our sleep. Today we look at how stress impacts family functioning.

Stress Management Resource Round-up

Our blog team was inspired to focus on stress over the last few weeks because we see how uniquely stressful our current circumstances are for ourselves as well as our colleagues, friends and family. Many of us are balancing more than we are used to and living in a way that feels very different and perhaps even insecure. For the past few weeks we have had experts share how stress affects us and tips for managing that stress. Today’s blog is a round-up of resources that have been shared and can help us deal with this stressful time. We hope that one or more of these resource will be helpful to you.

Perspective is Key

Energy is contagious! Have you ever been around a person who has nothing nice to say? How did that make you feel? If the answer is negative, then that makes sense. Out of a negative perspective, you can only see bad things. On the other hand, have you ever been around someone who is full of life and kindness? How did that make you feel? I have a feeling the answer is positive.