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Setting up a Kitchen

Go into almost any home store or browse through a magazine and you will see all kinds of different kitchen gadgets. We need to decide what we really need to equip our kitchens and what is extra.

Key points

Basic Kitchen Items

Measuring: Measuring spoons, dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cup

Cutting: Paring knife, chef knife, cutting boards, can opener

Mixing: Mixing bowl, mixing spoon, rubber spatula

Cookware: Skillet, sauce pan, casserole dish, pot holder, baking sheet, food thermometer, spatula

Draining: Colander, slotted spoons

Handy Extras: Blender, rolling pin, stock pot, cooling rack, whisk, muffin tin, slow cooker, tongs, mixer


Kitchen Safety

Kitchens are a place where families can learn and grow together so it is important to keep everyone in your kitchen safe. The tips below will help you be more aware of the safety in your kitchen and prevent accidents and injuries.

Before Cooking

During Cooking

After Cooking

Fire Safety