Frozen Pudding Sandwiches

The Perfect Summer Treat

With summer in full swing, my kids enjoy having a cold treat when we get home from a walk or the pool. If it were up to my oldest, who is 5, she would love to have popsicles or ice cream cones every day. As a compromise, we make Frozen Pudding Sandwiches to keep in the freezer when we want a frozen treat. The combination of peanut butter and pudding is tasty and filling.


What Paige Makes

My 10-year-old daughter Paige loves to be creative in the kitchen. Baking and making sweet treats are her favorite things to do. When we have chocolate chips, it’s a given that she will be melting it and dipping whatever fruit we have in it! She also likes to use chocolate chips in Energy Bites and on Frozen Yogurt Bark. Yes, she gets her love of chocolate from her mom😊. With the warm summer days here, she also likes to make Berry Banana Popsicles for a cool treat. This is a simple recipe that she can make all by herself. It allows her to practice reading a recipe, safe knife skills and measuring ingredients. You can watch Paige make these in our How to Make Berry Banana Popsicles video and then make them yourself for a refreshing summer treat!

peach cobbler

Peach Cobbler

Welcome to June! Summer is here and all of us at Spend Smart. Eat Smart. are looking forward to summer foods. This month we are going to focus on some tasty summer desserts. First up today is Peach Cobbler.

kids helping in the kitchen

Making (Messy!) Memories

I have fond memories of cooking and baking with my mom as a child. Some of my favorite kitchen memories include baking muffins and cookies, and making homemade beach plum jelly with fruit we would handpick from the beach. Being one of four kids, spending time with my mom in the kitchen allowed for quality one on one time, and now that I have children of my own, I see just how valuable that time can be.

Oatmeal Cookies with walnuts

Have a Happy National Walnut Day!

Sometimes in the mornings when I drive my children to school the radio announcer will tell us what we can celebrate that day. It may be a well-known holiday or something smaller. For example, today, May 13th, is International Hummus Day, National Crouton Day, and National Fruit Cocktail Day. We call it, ‘the day of the day’ and we get pretty excited about it.


Pizza Made Easy

Whenever I get asked what my favorite foods are, pizza is at the top of my list with tacos being a close second. There are so many options for pizza that I could write it into my meal plan several times in one week and not get tired of eating it. When I have a hankering for a slice (or two!), especially for lunch, Pizza Boats are a quick way for me to satisfy that craving.