You can eat healthy and
stick to a tight grocery budget.

With a little planning, savvy shopping and tasty recipes to cook at home, you’ll be well on your way. The Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Team is here to help!

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  • Fruit and Veggie Staying Power

    After I have spent time and money buying groceries, the last thing I want to happen is food going in the trash. I try my best to prevent it through planning meals and snacks that I know will lead to all of my perishable food getting used before it spoils. Even with a solid meal … Continue reading Fruit and Veggie Staying Power

  • Soup’s on!

    Soup is a favorite meal in my house during the fall or winter. Well, for my husband, soup is a favorite all year round! I enjoy making soup since there are so many different combinations and nearly all of them are a one-pot meal! I also like that I can make many of them in … Continue reading Soup’s on!

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