Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

You can eat healthy and
stick to a tight grocery budget.

With a little planning, savvy shopping and tasty recipes to cook at home, you’ll be well on your way. The Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Team is here to help!

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  • A Meal Plan For My Family

    Here at Spend Smart. Eat Smart. we talk about planning meals a lot.  This is because it is easier to save money and make healthy food choices when you have a plan.  I know that on the weeks that I do not have a plan, or on the weeks when my plan goes wrong, I … Continue reading A Meal Plan For My Family

  • A Three-Week Meal Plan

      Last week Justine shared with you how she does meal planning for her family. I use a similar strategy for my family of four. If you are new to meal planning or starting as a new years’ resolution, we have just the thing for you, a sample three-week meal plan. It includes ideas for … Continue reading A Three-Week Meal Plan

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