You can eat healthy and
stick to a tight grocery budget.

With a little planning, savvy shopping and tasty recipes to cook at home, you’ll be well on your way. The Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Team is here to help!

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  • The Perfect Summer Treat

    With summer in full swing, my kids enjoy having a cold treat when we get home from a walk or the pool. If it were up to my oldest, who is 5, she would love to have popsicles or ice cream cones every day. As a compromise, we make Frozen Pudding Sandwiches to keep in...

  • What Paige Makes

    My 10-year-old daughter Paige loves to be creative in the kitchen. Baking and making sweet treats are her favorite things to do. When we have chocolate chips, it’s a given that she will be melting it and dipping whatever fruit we have in it! She also likes to use chocolate chips in Energy Bites and...

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