Vegetable Fried Rice

This time of year always starts to feel hectic to me. Especially this year, as a senior in college, I am overwhelmed with the thought of graduation and moving onto the next step of my life. When life gets a little hectic, I want simple, filling meals to power me through my weeks. This vegetable fried rice does just that. Using staple ingredients, it is easy to throw together in a pinch. I like to make this recipe at the end of my week and use up any leftover vegetables I have in the fridge.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

June Featured Recipe-Vegetable Fried Rice

I’m ready for some sunshine and warm weather so I can work and play outside.  This means that meals have to be extra quick and easy.  Vegetable Fried Rice is one of my “Go To” recipes.  It’s super easy, costs about $.70 a serving, very versatile and I almost always have everything I need.