Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Spend Smart with SafeFood©

We all know there is a cost to buying food, but that cost can be magnified if the safety of products is not considered. Products past their expiration dates or damaged items may have deep discounts. For some types of foods that can mean good savings. But, for other types, over aged or damaged foods could put you at risk for a foodborne illness—and that will cost you, not just in physical pain but also lost work time and reduced productivity. So, think about what foods on sale are a good deal in the long run—to your health.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Resolve to Eat More Meals as a Family

If you have children at home, having regular meals together is one way you can improve their health and academic performance.  Iowa State University staff review the research behind the benefits of family meals and tips for putting family meals into practice in a blog called Family Meal Time and a publication called Say “Yes” to Family Meals.


Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

How are you feeling today? I hope you are feeling well and that you will enjoy a winter without having a cold or the flu.

Getting Active when Time is Tight

It is important to me that my family eat well, but being active matters too. As a working mom of two daughters I am always looking for more energy!  The cheapest and easiest way for me is by adding physical activity into my day. It feels great to get the blood pumping through my body. Afterwards I always think I’m so glad I did that.   But being a mom with limited time requires creativity. Currently my three favorite ways to get active are:

little girl with toothpaste on hands

Youth Dental Health Month

My 6-year old son complains about doing it. My 2-year old daughter would do it 5 times a day if you let her. What am I talking about? Brushing their teeth.

women holding a glass of water

Skip the Sugary Drinks

What are the go-to drinks around your house? I am wrapping up our series on the 5210 campaign this week with a look at sugary drinks. 

variety of food items

What is all the Fuss about Fiber?

You may have noticed TV commercials and food packages that label a food as high in fiber or an excellent source of fiber. Have you ever wondered why fiber matters for our health? Over the next three weeks, we will focus on fiber including health benefits, how to get fiber and how to spot it on a food label. Women need about 25g of fiber per day and men need about 38g.

teaspoons with sugar

Altering Recipes for Better Health

As a mom, I want to make foods for my family that taste good and are good for them. Sometimes I do this by altering a recipe to make it a bit healthier but still taste good.  For some recipes, I reduce the amount of an ingredient. In others, I substitute one ingredient for another. Small changes can make a big difference in the amount of fat, salt, sugar and fiber in a dish.

vegetarian meal planning calendar

Meal Planning for the Health of It

Last week Rachel shared five red flags to look out for when considering diet advice. In the blog, she mentioned learning new skills that can improve your health, like meal planning, instead of focusing solely on weight. Meal planning is a popular practice; especially at the beginning of the year when people are trying to eat better, save money and be more organized. It can help you check off all three! Today I’m going to share with you five tips for meal planning with health in mind.