Resolve to Eat More Meals as a Family

December 26, 2011 | Peggy Martin

Resolve to Eat More Meals as a Family

If you have children at home, having regular meals together is one way you can improve their health and academic performance.  Iowa State University staff review the research behind the benefits of family meals and tips for putting family meals into practice in a blog called Family Meal Time and a publication called Say “Yes” to Family Meals.

Even if you are single or have no children at home, I think eating with someone has benefits.   When I share a meal with friends or family it usually has food from most, if not all, the food groups.  Plus, I think I eat smaller portions. Sometimes when I eat alone I choose popcorn and a diet soda.  When I eat alone I do not have the opportunity to discuss what is happening in the community around me.  Instead the TV is on or I am reading the paper while eating.


Family meals or a meal with another is something to consider for your New Year’s Resolution.  To give it a better chance to becoming a habit, develop your idea into a S.M.A.R.T. goal.


Peggy Martin

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