Energy Bars- are they worth it?

January 30, 2012 | Peggy Martin

Energy Bars- are they worth it?

A food that seems to be gaining popularity is “energy bars.”  I think of them as candy bars with good marketing.  Is my bias showing?

Ok, I have to admit they are handy and can help you get nutrients … but only if the bar you are eating has the nutrients you need.  Many of these “energy bars” have just as many or MORE calories than a candy bar. Plus many of them COST MORE as well.

A healthier and cheaper alternative is to choose foods like nuts, fruit, crackers, yogurt, and string cheese after a workout, for the middle of the morning or during an afternoon slump.
Becky Hand, RD, has a great article at Spark People called, Edible Energy Bars.  She gives pointers for choosing energy bars whether you are eating them as meal replacements, afternoon snacks or workout fuel.


Peggy Martin

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