butcher behind the meat counter

Shopping at the Meat Counter (Part 1)

When I step up to the meat counter at the grocery store, I get a little nervous.  There are dozens of choices, a wide range of prices, and a smiling person waiting patiently on the other side of the counter.  I do my best to come into this situation prepared, but it can still be nerve wracking.  This week and next week, I am going to write a little bit about how I make decisions about what to buy at the meat counter when I go grocery shopping.

steamed vegetables

Fresh, canned or frozen veggies?

As a dietitian I’m often asked which is better, fresh, canned, or frozen vegetables? My response is they all have benefits and can all fit into a healthy eating plan.

open can of fruit cocktail

Unit Pricing – Canned Versus Frozen

I am going to focus today on canned and frozen fruits and vegetables.  I buy these at every trip to the grocery store because:

piece of fish with lemon slice on it

Safe Seafood

We are starting to get a few days of beautiful weather here in Iowa and for me that means firing up the grill! I love to cook food on my grill and one of my favorites is salmon. I have heard from several friends that they are unsure about cooking fish at home and sometimes they are concerned about food safety and seafood. Today I have rounded up some top safety tips related to seafood to help you feel confident cooking fish at home.

Frozen pudding sandwiches

Frozen Pudding Sandwiches

It is July and it is hot! This is the perfect time for our July recipe of the month – Frozen Pudding Sandwiches. These treats are sure to cool you down on a hot summer day.