Budget Groceries

Tracking My Family’s Food Expenses

Budgeting can be challenging, and it can take time before you find a system that works best for you. My husband handles finances as part of his job so at home I handle most of our day-to-day expenses to give him a break. After some trial and error, I have finally found a system that seems to work for us.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Amazing Chocolate Fudge

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so (I think) I deserve chocolate! But, chocolate is expensive when it comes to my calorie and money budgets. A co-worker has a recipe for fudge made with pinto beans that should be less expensive than commercial chocolates. Although it won’t be so healthy I can eat all I want, it will be less un-healthy than what I might otherwise buy. The fudge is called Amazing Chocolate Fudge.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Skillet lasagna highly recommended!

If you haven’t tried the skillet lasagna recipe from the Spend Smart. Eat Smart website,  I highly recommend it.  Here’s why I like it:

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Shopping with Kids

We all know it is much easier to shop without kids along, but sometimes it can’t be avoided.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Citrus fruits “in season” now!

Have you noticed that oranges are frequently on sale at this time of the year? That’s because oranges are “in season,” meaning this is the harvest time for citrus fruits. Right now they taste the best, and cost the least, compared to other times of the year. Other fruits that are “in season” now are grapefruits, apples, bananas, and grapes. Knowing this schedule and planning ahead a bit can be a big boon to your food budget.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Can a Vegetable Garden Save You Money?

That’s the title of an article by Cindy Haynes, Extension Horticulturalist. Her answer was “yes” – if done correctly. She goes on to quote a book about $64 tomatoes. 

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

4 tips for healthy eating on a budget

Eat breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day and the most common one to skip. It’s also typically the fastest and the cheapest to make. Think oatmeal, toast, eggs, pancakes, fruit, low-fat milk.  Just eating breakfast helps charge your brain and body. Buy staples. Beans, pasta, and oats are really inexpensive and filling. Canned fish or frozen vegetables don’t go bad before you can use them. Eggs are a very inexpensive protein as are beans and peanut butter. Plan ahead. When you are hungry and rushed, it is hard to think of budget foods. Make a slow-cooker recipe that will last several meals. Divide the food into several containers to make it easier to reheat. Or, keep the ingredients for an inexpensive meal on a shelf so you don’t have to think what to make when you are tired. A nutritious meal includes something from each food group: grain, meat, fruit, vegetable, and milk. Watch what you drink. Coffee, soda, energy drinks, and alcohol can be dehydrating and costly. Water and milk are healthy and inexpensive. Refillable water bottles pay for themselves within days. -pointers from Peggy

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Trim Your Waistline and Your Budget – Three Simple Steps!

With the holidays behind us its time to find ways to trim some of those extra pounds and pay off some bills.  It’s possible to eat healthier and stick to a budget.  Here are three ways to trim your food spending without sacrificing good nutrition.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Feed 50 People for $50!

Need recipes that will feed a crowd (e.g. a club, relatives, or a post-event gathering) for $50 or under?

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Anyday Picnic Salad

April’s featured recipe is one of my favorites.  It’s easy, versatile, and very tasty.  I serve Anyday Picnic Salad on top of romaine as a salad, or on whole wheat bread as a sandwich. You can use apples and grapes as the fruit, or try strawberries, melon or pineapple.  Once when I was out of celery, I used radishes to give it a little crunch.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Let the Buyer Beware

Grocery and discount stores like to promote groups of different products for the same price (i.e. mix and match for a $1.00).  Some are good buys, some are the regular price, and sometimes they are more.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Super Bowl party on a budget

Super Bowl 2012 is set … the Giants and Patriots on February 5th. When it comes to the party, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a dedicated fan, or just socialize and watch the fun commercials. Check out our ideas for party planning on a budget!