Italian Chicken

Our March recipe of the month is Italian Chicken. This is a versatile recipe from beginning to end. You get to choose the number of servings, the cooking method, and how you will serve this recipe.

Canned Beef

When I first heard of canned beef I really did not know what to think. There was a fat layer on the top when I opened the can and a lot of liquid, but the texture and smell of the meat were normal for beef. I ended up enjoying it and adding it to some of my recipes as an easy and money-saving alternative to cooking with fresh beef. You don’t have to jump on the canned-beef train, but I do want to show you why canned beef isn’t all that bad, and how you can use it in your kitchen.

Perspective is Key

Energy is contagious! Have you ever been around a person who has nothing nice to say? How did that make you feel? If the answer is negative, then that makes sense. Out of a negative perspective, you can only see bad things. On the other hand, have you ever been around someone who is full of life and kindness? How did that make you feel? I have a feeling the answer is positive.

ISU Extension and Outreach offers training for child care providers

For the first time, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans include recommendations by life stage, from birth through older adulthood. ISU Extension and Outreach is offering training for child care providers in Iowa that include the new recommendations for feeding infants and toddlers.

Activity Snacks

Have you ever heard of activity snacks? These are like food snacks, but in physical activity form! Sometimes I dread going to start a workout- whether that be at the gym or at home, I do not want to put in a chunk of time to move. Days can become busy, but I often feel discouraged and defeated when I feel I did not get enough movement in. This is where activity snacks can fit in your everyday.

Cooking for Fewer During the Holidays

I love to cook, especially around the holidays! There is something nostalgic about bringing out the box of old recipe cards that are covered in stains and mark-ups from family members altering recipes throughout the years. Cooking holiday meals is a way that I show those around me that I love them, and this has been something that I have had to get more creative with during the past year.