Vending Machines Eat Money

February 19, 2009 | Peggy Martin

Vending Machines Eat Money

When I go by a vending machine, it is tempting to stop for a snack. But, just like everything, prices have gone up. If I buy a $.75 item every day, it adds up to $3.75 per week and $195.00 in a year. I can think of lots of things to do with $195.00—like getting several massages, or taking my family out for a special treat.

You can save money if you take a snack from home. For example, peanuts are a popular selection at a vending machine. The cost is $.75 for 2 ounces. But, if I buy a large container of peanuts* (34 ounces) for $5.29 and fill a small container that holds 2 ounces, my cost for a snack is only $.31. WOW! The vending machine snack costs more than twice as much.

This same concept works with most of the items in the vending machine…now if I can just remember to bring that snack from home.

Share with me some ways you save money on snacks.

*Dry roasted peanuts are healthier than cocktail peanuts because they have less sodium and fat.

                                                                                                          -contributed by Susie

Peggy Martin

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