Substitute Cream Cheese for Goat Cheese?

April 09, 2009 | Peggy Martin

Substitute Cream Cheese for Goat Cheese?

I saw a recipe recently that called for goat cheese. WOW! I know cheese can be expensive, but I thought this was really high. A 4-ounce portion cost almost $5.00! I went ahead and bought it, tried the recipe and found it to be quite tasty. As I was straightening the kitchen, I read the Nutrition Facts label and realized there really wasn’t much “IN” the goat cheese. So I pulled a package of reduced fat cream cheese out of the fridge to compare labels. Know what? NO real difference! And the cream cheese was only $.99 for 8 ounces. I made the recipe again substituting cream cheese for goat cheese. Was there a significant flavor change? Apparently not. I had 30 child care providers sample both products and they really preferred the cream cheese!

So, will I spend $5.00 for goat cheese or $ .50 for cream cheese? Not too hard to figure the answer to THAT one.

-contributed by Jan Temple

Peggy Martin

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