What is the better buy when purchasing melons?

August 10, 2009 | Peggy Martin

What is the better buy when purchasing melons?

melons1Small seedless?…Larger with seeds?…Cantaloupe?

Last week I took the time to weigh the melons and figure the unit price by dividing the price by the pounds ($/#). It turns out all three pictured were around $.28/pound. I was surprised because I thought the seedless would cost more.

Seedless watermelon – 11 pounds for $2.99 = $.27/pound
Seeded watermelon – 18 pounds for $4.99 = $.28/pound
Cantaloupe – 7 pounds for $2.00 = $.29/pound

Of course, none of this information tells us anything about the flavor or ripeness. Last week I got a melon so ripe I called the store and complained. The manager told me next time I shop to bring the receipt and get a refund.

Three tips for selecting ripe melons include:

  1. they should feel heavy for their size,
  2. have a sweet smell, and
  3. have a yellow underside where they touched the ground.

-pointers by Peggy

Peggy Martin

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