Spend Smart. Eat Smart.


How much in a day?

Vegetables are nutrition powerhouses. They include many of the vitamins we need as well as fiber. Vegetables come in every color of the rainbow, and it is important to choose a variety because different colors contain different nutrients. Typically, the darker the color, the more nutrition. Most of us don’t eat enough dark green and orange vegetables, so make a point of working those into your meal plans.

Daily Recommendation*
Children 2-3 years old: 1 cup
4-8 years old: 1.5 cups
Girls 9-13 years old: 2 cups
14-18 years old: 2.5 cups
Boys 9-13 years old: 2.5 cups
14-18 years old: 3 cups
Women 19-30 years old: 2.5 cups
31-50 years old: 2.5 cups
51+ years old: 2 cups
Men 19-30 years old: 3 cups
31-50 years old: 3 cups
51+ years old: 2.5 cups 

*These amounts are appropriate for individuals who get less than 30 minutes per day of moderate physical activity beyond normal daily activities. Those who are more physically active may be able to consume more while staying within calorie needs. Source: ChooseMyPlate

Pack and go! 

Vegetables are nature’s original fast food. When it’s snack time, grab baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli or some peppers. Try dipping your vegetables in low fat or nonfat dip.


How to decide how many fruits and vegetables you need | Handout


Storing and Discarding


Storing fruits and vegetables | Handout




There are a few things to consider before making your decision.

Here is some information about a few items that you may be tempted to buy pre-cut.