bowl of hot soup with steam

Soup…What’s Saving My Life Right Now

A co-worker asked on a recent meeting as an icebreaker question ‘what’s saving your life right now?’ My response was a good book. The more I thought about it though, soup should have been my answer. I’m in a real rut of meal planning right now. The thought of having to think about what to cook my family for supper makes my head hurt. Soup to the rescue! My family loves soup and I’m grateful for that. Here’s what I love about soup.

Pasta Fagioli Soup

Soup is one of my favorite foods and I especially love hot soup on a cold day. I often associate eating soup with family meals. For me, in the cold of winter, it is easier to slow down, make a big pot of soup and make more time for a family meal. This month, we are each going to share with you a favorite food memory. My favorite is not a single memory, but the combination of many memories throughout my life.