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August 22, 2022 | Justine Hoover

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This month is our third blog in our interview series. I enjoyed hearing from Christine’s mom and Katy’s friend. This month we are going to take a different view of our interview questions. This blog is all from a child’s perspective. I interviewed my three children, Kenny (age 12), Eliza (age 10), and Miles (age 6). Before I asked them the questions, I asked one of the questions to myself – what is our go to meal that is easy and healthy? The answer was breakfast food and I was surprised to see that answer reflected in some of their responses below. I hope you enjoy reading my children’s perspective on eating healthy on a budget as much as I enjoyed interviewing them.

Question: What is your favorite food memory?

  • Kenny: The first time I made Banana Bread with mom.
  • Eliza: When I first had cheesecake.
  • Miles: Cooking marshmallows on the fire.

For this question, I had to explain what a food memory is because they did not know what I meant. I thought they would share something big like a birthday party or holiday, but I was happy to hear their simple answers.

Question: What is a food that always makes you smile?

  • Kenny: Cheeseburgers and fries
  • Eliza: Cheesecake
  • Miles: Mac and cheese

I wish you could have seen their faces when they answered this question because they all got big smiles thinking about the foods that make them smile.

Question: What is one tip you would like to share for eating well on a budget?

  • Kenny: Buy the healthy stuff first and then buy your treats, like a pack of gum.
  • Eliza: Don’t buy things you don’t really need or something fancy, and stick to your grocery list.
  • Miles: Just buy what you need.

I had to explain what this question meant too, but once they got going on this topic they had a lot to say. I shared some highlights of our conversation here.

Question: What is your favorite Spend Smart. Eat Smart recipe?

I have included the links to these recipes in each of their responses. Check back in with the blog in a couple of weeks because the September recipe of the month will be our banana bread recipe.

A big thank you to Kenny, Eliza, and Miles for helping Mom out with this blog!

Justine Hoover

Justine Hoover is a Registered Dietitian and mom who loves to cook for her family.

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