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April 22, 2013 | Peggy Martin


Magazines and cooking shows are full of articles and recipes about whole grains, some of which I have never tasted. If you are like me, and wanting to know more about using different whole grains, you will be interested in a publication by Iowa State University Extension. The free, downloadable Whole Grains publication provides the basic cooking directions, yield when cooked, nutrition notes and facts, and serving suggestions for 20 different whole grains. It also explains the difference between whole and refined grains.

Here’s some information from the publication:

1. Is cornmeal a whole grain?

The stone-ground variety is a whole grain.  Regular cornmeal is degermed (has the germ of the grain removed) so it is not a whole grain.

2. What’s the difference between steel-cut oats and old-fashioned rolled oats?

Steel–cut oats are cut into small pieces with a steel blade.  Rolled oats are steamed, than rolled into flakes. Quick-cooking oats are rolled thinner and cut into smaller pieces to cook faster.

3. Is wild rice a grain?

No, but it offers similar nutritional benefits as whole grains and it is gluten-free.

4. Is whole wheat couscous a grain?

No, it is tiny pasta made from semolina.

If you have questions about amaranth, quinoa, faro, or wheat berries, check out the publication.

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