The Touching Heart, Touching Minds Project

April 23, 2012 | Peggy Martin

The Touching Heart, Touching Minds Project

The Touching Heart, Touching Minds project poses an important question for all parents.

Suppose I could take out a prescription pad and write a prescription for something that would help protect your child from the scary times in which we live.  Would you be interested?

The prescription would be this:  Eat meals together as a family.  Family meals have enormous power.  They can be the family lifeline during turbulent times.  Eating together gives you and your children a sense of belonging, a connection that allows them to be strong when challenged.

Our recent SpendSmart.EatSmart Poll indicates that about half the 274 people who responded are making family meals a priority.

If you are not in the habit of family meals, here are some things to think about:

  • Without a lot of additional effort or time, simply eating together as a family could actually change the direction of your child’s and family’s life.
  • What’s for dinner at your house this week—and who will be enjoying it with you?
  • What are some things you can do this week to make eating together possible?
  • What can you do to adapt your schedules to make family meals more frequent?

If you would like more information on this topic, check out the Set the Table handout from Touching Heart, Touching Minds.

Peggy Martin

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